Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin is looking like a new woman these days. After showing off her face covered with bandages on her nose and swelling around her chin in June, the Bravo star is revealing the results of the apparent plastic surgery.

The 44-year-old shared a July 1 Instagram photo looking glam, with perfectly done hair and makeup. The tip of her nose appeared to be much thinner, and her jawline was softer. Fans gushed in the comments about how “gorgeous” Jennifer looked. Life and Style has reached out to Jennifer’s rep for comment.

Jennifer hasn’t been shy about showing off the bandages to fans, seeming to all but confirm she went under the knife. Her nose was still taped up in a June 9 photo, while a face mask covered her chin. “Notice anything different about me???” she teased fans in the caption, before adding, “That’s right! I got new lashes!!” Jennifer’s face had previously appeared bandaged up during an Instagram Live session. 

Jennifer Aydin Plastic Surgery
MediaPunch/Shutterstock; Courtesy of Jennifer Aydin/Instagram

There’s no blame in the game when it comes to Jennifer getting any work done, as her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, is a plastic surgeon. In 2019, he performed a breast reduction and lift, as well as liposuction, on his wife.

“Obviously seeing yourself on camera always helps motivate you,” Jennifer explained to Page Six about why she had the procedures done. “I was really big on top, meaning my breasts were large, and I hated them. They were like these big melons. They were mushy from breastfeeding five kids, and it started off with having the breast reduction. So that’s what I did first.”

“It was just breast reduction and lift with implant. So, then I got down a few notches with that and then I had liposuction in my back,” she continued. “My husband contoured my back and gave me shape. I lost about three and a half pounds of fat from my back, and it contoured me. Then I was like, ‘Wow! I’m looking smaller and smaller, I got the small boobs, I got this hourglass figure, now I wanna lose some weight.’”

Jennifer has also admitted to having lip and facial fillers. When she got her COVID-19 vaccine on April 3, the reality star suffered unusual side effects, including a badly swollen face.

“You guys know that I had my vaccine on Saturday,” Jennifer said in an April 6, Instagram Stories post. “Sunday, I felt very groggy, and I had a headache. Monday, I woke up with a swollen face, okay — my lips were jacked, and my cheeks were swollen, and there was pain.”

Jennifer then “frantically” checked in with her husband, who calmed her fears. “He told me it’s because of the filler,” she explained. “With Moderna, there have been documented cases on women, who have filler in their face — the filler gets swollen. It’s a very rare side effect.” She then assured fans, “I took some Benadryl so everything is a little bit better today, but still sore. But the good news is I can still make all my crazy faces.”