We could never imagine Cher ending up with anyone else but Josh in 1995’s Clueless, but in real life, the actor who played Elton, Jeremy Sisto, reveals he had a crush on the leading lady!

“I did a movie with [Alicia Silverstone] right before, and we kind of had a crush on each other. It was very sweet,” the now 40-year-old tells ‘People’ of the actress, calling their on-screen kiss a “childhood dream come true.” (That movie is the 1995 thriller ‘Hideaway.’)

He adds, “I’m sure a lot of my friends back at home were jealous.”

alicia silverstone

The pair reunited in 2012.

The duo reunited years later on Jeremy’s show ‘Suburgatory,’ which the star calls a cool experience. “We both have kids now. It was great to see her again. And to get a new perspective on how we’ve changed,” he tells ‘People.’

Elton really doesn’t seem like “a snob and a half” after all!

Check out Alicia and Jeremy’s ‘Clueless’ kiss below, and try NOT to freak out when you realize the movie turns 20 this year!