Joey Graziadei is changing things up for summer! The Bachelor alum debuted a new haircut in his Saturday, June 22, TikTok video.

“It was time for a Summer Cut,” Joey, 29, captioned the video, which featured him showing off his long, wavy locks before transitioning into a new shot of himself with a completely shaved head. The buzz cut was a much different look than the ones fans have seen him with on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor.

Joey’s fiancée, Kelsey Anderson, shared another glimpse of the hairdo in her own TikTok. “I left this man alone for 34 hours and now he has no hair,” she wrote across the video. In the clip, she gripped Joey’s chin and turned his head from side to side to show off the full look. “Still cute tho,” she captioned the footage.


Still cute tho .. 🥵 @Joey Graziadei

♬ original sound – Kelsey Anderson

Kelsey, 26, and Joey got engaged on season 28 of The Bachelor, with their engagement airing during the finale in March. Since then, they have been doing a lot of traveling and press appearances, but spending their downtime in New Orleans, which is where she was living before filming the show. Joey has moved in with Kelsey and her roommates in their Louisiana apartment.

“I was still working, so I was like, ‘I gotta go back to my life. I’m not quitting my job,’” Kelsey explained on the June 10 episode of the “Trading Secrets” podcast. “He was just living with his sister, so I was like, ‘You can move in with me.’”

Joey added, “It would have been wrong of me to be like, ‘We need to get you out of your life.’ Because she dropped her whole life to be a part of this. And I knew that regardless of what was going to happen, my life was going to have to change and go somewhere else.”

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Splitting rent with Kelsey’s two roommates was also helpful for the couple, as Joey admitted that he dealt with some financial issues after he finished filming The Bachelor. “I was at a 730 [credit score] and I went on the show and I had a payment from a credit card that I didn’t answer for two and a half months,” he revealed. “I dropped, like, 80 points. Like, what the f–k? I went on a TV show and I come back and my credit score bombed. I was like, ‘I can’t even get into an apartment building.’”

He also had to help Kelsey out with her own finances when they got back to reality. Since Kelsey eventually quit her job amid the hectic schedule that came after filming, she relied on her fiancé for money. “Joey was like, ‘No matter what, like, I’ll help you if you need help in any sense,’” she shared. “Which gave me a little bit of financial security because I was like, ‘Oh my God. … What am I gonna do for these couple months of all this craziness?’”

The couple has not specified any plans for their wedding and are instead working on figuring out where they want to live next. “I think once we get settled we’re really going to be excited to have time to kind of get ready and look through that,” Joey said in May.