Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson got engaged on the season 28 finale of The Bachelor. But is the couple still together after the March 25, 2024 episode?

Are The Bachelor’s Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson Still Together?

Joey and Kelsey confirmed they were still together at After the Final Rose during The Bachelor finale. Their proposal was filmed in November 2023, so they had to keep their relationship secret for four months before finally being able to go public at the live after show.

“I am just so happy to be in real life doing things together and so happy for everyone to see how in love we are,” Kelsey gushed. Joey added, “It’s been very hard for me to keep this in for so long. We’ve built something so special in our time together and it’s been on pause, unfortunately, but we don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

are the bachelors joey and kelsey still together

How Did Joey Graziadei’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’ End?

While the season ended with Joey’s proposal to Kelsey, it didn’t come without some tears first. Before the engagement, Joey had to end his relationship with runner-up Daisy Kent.

When Daisy got to the final rose ceremony, she told Joey that she already knew she wasn’t his final choice before he even had the chance to dump her.

“I know that you came into my life for a reason because you’ve shown me so much about a different part of me that lights up and how special it is to show that light,” Daisy said. “You showed me how important it is to know my worth. Falling in love with you has been so fun and I do love you. The thing is, you’re not going to choose me. The last couple days I realized that you’re not my person and I know that you know that. And as much as that hurts, I know you said you want the best for me, so I’m going to do what’s best for me and I’m going to go.”

While Joey was devastated that he left Daisy heartbroken, he assured her that she was so “special” and that she “deserves nothing but the best.”

Before arriving at the rose ceremony, Daisy filled Kelsey in on how she was feeling. The ladies actually showed up to the beach together before Joey’s proposal, which had never happened in Bachelor history.

What’s Next for The Bachelor’s Joey and Kelsey?

“Joey’s coming to NOLA [New Orleans],” Kelsey confirmed. “Then I think, eventually, we’re planning on moving to New York this summer.”

The couple also revealed that they’ve “grown” tremendously since their time on the show. “We’ve gotten the ability to talk more, learn each other’s communication styles, and we’ve been the strongest we’ve ever been,” Joey gushed.