When things get rough, Jordyn Woods always keeps her head up. The 22-year-old has gone through her fair share of struggles and revealed the best way to get through them is [ADD: by] looking within herself.

“When everything happened to me, I had a reality check of what really matters in my life,” she told Forbes in an interview published on Wednesday, February 12. “I learned that if you can find peace within yourself, you don’t need validation from anything or anyone. It’s really about being content with who you are when you go to sleep at night. That is true success to me.”

Something else that helps Jordyn get through tough times is exercise. “Working out is something that has helped me through everything,” she told the outlet. “Through the grieving of my father, the scandals. It has been something that has helped me not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.”

Jordyn Woods Poses for a Mirror Selfie in Camo Bodysuit
Courtesy of Jordyn Woods/Instagram

In fact, in many ways, working out has helped her stay sane. “Fitness really was my crutch,” she exclusively told Life & Style in December 2019. “[Instead of] dealing with therapy and everything, I just went to the gym, and so not only are you working on yourself to be better, but working up those stairs, that just increases your level for happiness and everything else, so I always will tell someone, ‘if you’re upset about something and you don’t really want to talk about it or you don’t know what to do, just get up and go do something to make yourself feel better.'”

Fortunately, the model also has people she cares about, whom she can lean on for support, including best friend Jaden Smith. “He supports me every single day,” she exclusively told Life & Style in November 2019. “He always calls me and will ask if I’m doing this or that. He knows the real me and my secret talents, knows what I like to do.”

Jordyn says part of why she loves Jaden so much is because he inspires her. “He always pushes me to do those things that people don’t know,” she said. BFF goals!