Take a Tour of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s $8.5 Million Beverly Hills Home

Living large! Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin‘s $8.5 million Beverly Hills mansion is what real estate dreams are made of. The “I Don’t Care” artist, 26, gave his followers a tour of his enviable California home in October 2019 after suggesting he wants to move. 

“I’ll sell it with all the furniture. MAKE AN OFFER,” Justin wrote on Instagram at the time. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the longtime singer and his 23-year-old wife are quarantining at their place in Ontario, Canada. 

Unsurprisingly, the pair’s home and property up north is equally as stunning with cool architectural details, floor-to-ceiling windows that pour in natural light and a ton of outdoor space to roam around.

The pop star showed off their Canadian abode in his “Stuck With U” music video with Ariana Grande. The song, which helped raise money for charity First Responders Children’s Foundation, was inspired by people staying home during the global outbreak, so it made sense for the Grammy winner and Hailey to walk viewers through the place they’ve been self-isolating.

As gorgeous as Justin and Hailey’s pad in Beverly Hills is, the married couple seems to be benefiting from their time in Canada. On top of using luxury amenities like the sauna, the model’s complexion is more radiant than ever. 

Hailey revealed that her “skin actually stays a lot better in Canada with less issues,” while chatting with Dr. Barbara Sturm on Instagram Live on April 8, adding when she’s in “a bigger city” like New York or Los Angeles she breaks out more because of “pollution.”

Additionally, the former ballet dancer is grateful for all the time she’s spending with Justin. “I honestly feel like with that whole thing everything happens for a reason,” Hailey admitted after Justin’s upcoming tour was postponed during a May 11 episode of their Facebook Watch series, The Biebers on Watch.

“I’m almost happy that I feel like you have even more time to just be strong and healthy and prepare,” Hailey continued, possibly alluding to Justin’s Lyme disease diagnosis. “When the tour does come back around and when we do go out … when you go out, you’re just going to be strong and healthy. That makes me feel a little bit better.”

We wish Justin and Hailey all the best in Canada! In the meantime, we’ll still be fawning over their home in Beverly Hills. Scroll through the gallery below to see photos!