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Kacey Musgraves’ Legs Are Mesmerizing! See the Country Star’s ~Camera Roll~ of Leg Photos

Angelic voice with devilish legs. Kacey Musgraves has been country music’s beauty queen since she released her 2015 album Pageant Material. While she’s idolized for her Grammy-winning songs and vintage style, her legs are just as much of a hot commodity. 

Although the Texas native has a hectic schedule touring the nation, she sticks to a consistent workout routine to maintain her amazing figure. Kacey trains with celebrity fitness trainer Erin Oprea, who also works with Carrie Underwood and Maren Morris

Kacey has worked her butt off and I couldn’t be prouder of her. We’ve been able to keep her on track with the crazy schedule she’s had over the last couple years,” the former marine told PureWow in 2020. “Some workouts that we’ve loved doing that can be done on the bus are Tabatas. I also love turning fitness into a game because why not make it fun but still challenging?”

Tabata-based workouts consist of high-intensity interval training with short rest periods. Kacey’s workout, in particular, consists of sumo squat jumps and push ups.

In addition to working on her fitness, the “Rainbow” singer keeps a clean diet. “It is torture sometimes trying to eat healthy on the road, but I try my best. It’s all about balance and still letting my tastebuds enjoy themselves,” she told Women’s Health in 2014. “If there’s a reason to celebrate or I’m somewhere that has some kind of food that I know I won’t be able to resist, then I try to eat lighter all around that. Also, I try to eliminate carbs and most processed foods.”

Whether she’s singing in front of mass crowds or strutting on the red carpet, Kacey is sure to show off her fabulously toned legs. The country singer was the star of the 61st Grammy Awards when she took home the gold-plated gramophone for Album of The Year, Best Country Song, Best Country Album and Best Country Solo Performance.

Although her four-time win was quite impressive, her dress was just as memorable. After making an outfit change from the red carpet, Kacey donned a short tulle and ruffled Valentino dress. 

The “Space Cowboy” singer’s red carpet gown was also a Valentino design and paid homage to her album Golden Hour. “I guess a little secret is that it kinda reminded me of a fan, which is kind of a nod to the cover of my album. So, that’s one reason why I really liked it,” she told Entertainment Tonight during the 2019 award show. 

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