Kaley Cuoco is convinced partner Tom Pelphrey has what it takes to be the next Brad Pitt and is quietly masterminding his charge to the top – even if it means taking a step back in her own career in the process.

An insider exclusively tells Life & Style, “The magic in Kaley and Tom’s relationship, even more than becoming parents together, is the fact that Kaley has become a true believer in Tom and his work. She’s 100 percent on board for this guy and his whole presence and approach as an actor. Sure, this all started as an arranged hook-up set up by Kaley and Tom’s mutual manager, but nobody expected it to grow into what it’s become.”

The Flight Attendant actress, 38, and Tom, 41, announced they were expecting their first child together in October 2022.

“Baby girl Pelphrey coming 2023. Beyond blessed and over the moon… I [love] you @tommypelphrey!!!” Kaley captioned her Instagram post at the time.

The pair welcomed their daughter, Matilda Carmine Richie Pelphrey, on March 30, 2023. “We are overjoyed and grateful for this little miracle,” Kaley wrote via Instagram at the time. “Thank you to the doctors, nurses, family and friends who have helped us immensely over the last few days. We are blessed beyond belief @tommypelphrey didn’t think I could fall even more in love with you, but I did.”

In addition to adding credits to her resume and diving head first into mom mode, Kaley has supported Tom and his acting aspirations.

Kaley Cuoco Taking ‘Risk’ to Make Tom Pelphery an A-Lister Actor

“Tom is very lucky to have Kaley as this massive head cheerleader at this critical juncture in his career, and when you talk to her about Tom’s work, you know instantly it’s not an act. She genuinely believes this guy can be ten times as big as he is now, and he’s already earned tons of fans from his work in Ozark. But Kaley is thinking big and making Tom into a star you can put on a poster or a billboard has been a holy mission for Kaley, something she’s willing to put her own career on the back burner for,” the insider explains. “She was never this way with any of her exes, this is not a pattern for her, which is why it’s so striking and seems to be coming from a very loving place.”

The insider points out that the sitcom starlet “doesn’t really have an ego about her own acting work, whereas she sees Tom as a true high caliber artist who is still massively underrated. But there’s also the matter of the absolute mountain of money she’s made since 2008 thanks to Big Bang. How much of that is she really willing to risk to make Tom an A-lister? She easily could finance a film for him if it came to that, and the way she talks about him and his talent, I wouldn’t rule it out!”