Kevin Costner is all over the map right now as he struggles to save face in the wake of his Horizon flop and romance rumors with Jewel. Friends have been telling him to put himself together and stop moping, which is making him tough company to say the least.

“He’s no fun anymore, the joy and the spring has gone out of step,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “He’s putting on this bravado and coming up with all these excuses why Hollywood is not on his side but he’s becoming misery guts to everyone, and the pity party just never ends.”

While Kevin earned a seven-minute standing ovation at the 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival last month at the premiere of Horizon: An American Saga, the Yellowstone actor’s latest project has been hit with major criticism.

“It’s fine for an epic to sprawl, but you want a sense of purpose at the same time, and this one sometimes loses its way,” one of the reviews of the movie read. “Still, it’s handsomely shot and well performed, a throwback to the glory days of event-movie horse operas.”

The Western film is currently sitting at 43% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of publication.

“He complains about working hard and wanting to carve out time off, but he doesn’t do it, and the tired beat just goes on,” the source adds. “He’s feeling sorry for himself and letting the world know and licking his wounds after the savage reviews to his movie Horizon’s opening.”

Kevin Costner's 'Pity Party Never Ends' Amid Horizon Flop
Dave Benett/Getty Images for Nikki Beach Hospitality Group

The Oscar winner has also made headlines recently for his exit from Yellowstone amid the show’s chaotic final season. But he’s remaining optimistic that his fanbase will come to his rescue when the other three films in his Horizon franchise are released in the coming years.

“Kevin is still holding out hope that the final arbiter of HAASP1 will be the millions of fans who have fueled Yellowstone‘s success over the last five years and made that show, for a time, the biggest thing on television,” an insider told Life & Style earlier this month.

“Kevin was warned by marketing execs that he could get hit in the press over this film, and that has now happened,” the source said. “The critical beatdown he took in Cannes stings, it stings a lot, but Kevin has defied the odds before and he’s even made massive hits out of movies critics didn’t entirely get at first, most notably 1992’s The Bodyguard.”

Additionally, Kevin made waves when he denied ever having a romance with Jewel after the pair were photographed getting cozy on Richard Branson’s island in November 2023.

“No, Jewel and I are friends. We’ve never gone out ever,” he told Howard Stern on Tuesday, June 18. “She’s special, and I don’t want, I don’t want these rumors to ruin our friendship because that’s what we have. She’s special to me. She’s beautiful enough to go out with.”

The first source maintains that Kevin has “less time” for romance than ever before following his divorce from Christine Baumgartner.

“He’s turned into this aimless wanderer and workaholic and his constant crying of the blues is a turn off and his friends are bored of him already,” the insider says.