When it comes to celebrities’ babies, there’s no denying that True Thompson is one of the cutest there is! From her big brown eyes to her sweet button nose, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson made a beautiful little girl. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on that fact, the Internet would rather police Khloé’s mothering skills. Ugh.

On July 26, the new mama shared an adorable throwback picture of True and the opinions quickly started rolling in. Why were people so bothered, you ask? Well, fans seem to think that True was lacking neck support in the snapshot. 

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About 2 months ago… 😩

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“[You’re] breaking this poor baby’s neck,” one user commented. “Oh, her neck!! Support her neck!! This picture is hurting ME!!” wrote another. Luckily, Khloé did have some supporters (no pun intended) come to the rescue. 

“Baby’s got her head resting on mommy’s hand [and] two months later she’s still alive. Think she’s OK, guys,”one fan added in defense of the KUWTK star. “Uh, it’s obvious that the baby’s head is resting on Khloé’s arm! Calm down, y’all,” wrote another. 

In addition to True’s positioning, people couldn’t help but fixate on yet another thing — Khloé’s nails! This time, however, they weren’t so much criticizing, as they were confused. “How on Earth do you change diapers with those claws?” one fan commented. “All that damn money and you can’t afford a pair of nail clippers?” joked another. 

Despite the constant onslaught of hate, Khloé is ~thriving~ as a mother. In fact, she’s already dropped an impressive 33 pounds since giving birth and has never looked better. So much so, that Khloé is thinking about bringing her short hair back. Yay! “Short hair is my favorite!” the mother-of-one dished on Twitter. “I still need to lose a few more pounds and then I’ll cut it again,” she added. Girl, we think you look amazing as is, but you do you!

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