They’re really not holding back! Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker shared intimate details about their ongoing IVF journey, including a cleanse in which they abstained from sex for seven days.

During the Thursday, May 26, episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, the duo explained to viewers that their latest egg retrieval was “not successful.” So, they decided to try a Panchakarma cleanse as a way to, as Kourtney, 43, said, “Get all of the toxins that are deep within our tissue out of our bodies to have better quality eggs.”

In order to successfully complete the cleanse, the Poosh founder and drummer, 46, can’t drink caffeine, have sex or exercise. The couple also worked with an Ayurvedic expert whose job description, as Kourtney told it, was to help them with “reconnecting to [their] wellness.” While meeting with their expert, she revealed that there wasn’t “any problem with Travis’ sperm” and asked the couple if their doctors have said the same.

Kourtney and Travis Share NSFW Details of IVF Journey
Photo Courtesy of Hulu

“They said it was grade-A,” Travis joked. When going over their chart’s Kourtney was asked about her thyroid levels and said, “I can’t remember what he said, if it was low or high. … [The doctor] told me that the thing that would help it was drinking his [semen], like, four times a week.”

Elsewhere in the episode, the couple went to the Ayurvedic expert’s spa for “four hours a day of treatments.” One treatment included a Yoni steam for Kourtney, which would “prepare the womb to have the baby.”

Amid their cleanse, Kourtney and Travis told the Kardashian-Jenner family about what they were doing. The Blink-182 musician explained to the family that they “can’t orgasm at all.” Kourtney added, “We were like, ‘What about oral sex? What about hands? What about feet? What about … anything?'” To which Kris Jenner wondered, “Feet? … Hold on.”

Throughout the first Kardashians season, Kourtney and Travis have given viewers an inside look at their IVF journey. Ahead of the show’s premiere, a source told Life & Style that they were “looking at IVF” to get pregnant.

“Right when they got serious, Kourt and Travis decided to put effort into getting pregnant. It was a no-brainer for both of them because they’ve set their hearts on a big family and agreed there was no point delaying or waiting to be married first,” the insider added. “Kourt has been trying to get there the natural way, but she’s also looking at IVF, but their close friends and family are all aware it’s in the works and that it’s just a matter of time before she conceives.”

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