Girls’ night out! Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie stepped out for a girls’ dinner at The Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood, California on Sunday, July 28, and they seemed to enjoy their time together with a mutual friend.

Kylie, 21, looked sleek and sexy in a one-shoulder, long-sleeved black top with black leather pants and neon green heels. Sofia, 20, wore a white top, black pants and long black boots with a snakeskin trench coat.

kylie jenner sofia richie girls night out

To an outsider, Kylie’s close friendship with Sofia may seem awkward since Sofia is dating Kylie’s older sister Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Scott Disick. But it turns out, Kylie and Sofia were always friendly with each other, and an insider recently revealed to Us Weekly that Kylie only grew “closer” with Sofia after all of the drama below over between Scott, 35, Kourtney, 40, and Sofia.

“Kylie and Sofia have always run in the same circle and are very close in age, so they’ve bonded a lot through the years,” the source said. “They’ve always been in the limelight, lived very similar lifestyles and grown up around a lot of the same people.”

But when Scott and Sofia started dating, it caused a bit of tension between him and Kourt for a while. The exes were able to eventually get to a place where they have a healthy coparenting relationship for their three children — 9-year-old son Mason, 7-year-old Penelope and 4-year-old Reign. Once Kourtney accepted Sofia as a part of Scott’s life, Kylie felt better about pursuing a friendship with the model, and they’ve been hanging out together a lot more in the past few months.

“They’ve gotten a lot closer as of late now that the Kourtney, Scott and Sofia drama has died down,” the source added. “Once any drama between Kourtney and Sofia blew over, Kylie felt more comfortable spending girl time with Sofia again.”