Can you imagine casually riding in a car and finding Kylie Jenner in the backseat? Neither can we! However, David Dobrik made it happen when he decided to surprise a few strangers and record their epic reactions when seeing the reality star, 21, pop up out of nowhere.

The 22-year-old YouTuber picked Kylie up at her place before revealing their plans. “Today we’re going to find out what people think of Kylie Jenner. Kylie’s going to hide in the back,” he said as she jumped over from the passenger seat to the back seat. Then the pranks began.

David asked the first person how he “feels” about the makeup mogul, to which he responded “pretty good.” He then confessed Khloé Kardashian is his favorite sister out of the bunch, setting this up to be a very awkward encounter. “That sucks dude, cause Kylie is here and Khloé is not.” His facial expression completely changed when Kylie showed up and gave him a hug. “Oh hey, I was just going to say you’re my favorite,” the fan jokingly told the mother-of-one.

Another fan expressed her “love” for Kylie Cosmetics, to which David suggested she should congratulate her. She took to the camera to do so, and then came the big reveal “Bro, you’re f–king kidding me! I love you. Like I deadass love you,” she said while fangirling about Ky sitting behind her.

The third person to experience the stunt confessed he would ask Kylie for a photo if they were to ever meet, to which David said this is the perfect time. “Oh my god!” he repeatedly said when first seeing her IRL. This was followed by the fourth and final fan, who’s reaction was probably the most hilarious.

The last fan to make an appearance in the video couldn’t help but praise Kylie for her hard work, but his wording confused the vlogger big time! “She murdered her own parents — smashed her own parents, bro.” David looked puzzled and asked him, “Are we talking about the right Kylie?” From there, the fan cleared things up and said he meant to suggest “Kylie has more money than her own parents.” Kylie hopped onto the car one final time and said, “I definitely did not kill my own parents.” Good to know!