Are you sure you don’t wanna check the price tag on that? Kylie Jenner is no stranger to expensive tastes  — and this rainy day outfit she wore on Instagram on March 12 is no exception. In fact, the super stylish ensemble would set your average Jane back a pretty penny. Let’s break down the look, shall we?

In the pic from her Kylie Cosmetics headquarters, the 22-year-old bombshell could be seen rocking a Men’s Plaid Padded Shirt by Balenciaga with matching Women’s Grey Checkered Flannel Trousers from the brand’s Resort 2020 season. The trendy tracksuit-esque set costs a solid $1,400.

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Naturally, the accessories made the outfit. The makeup mogul also wore a Prada Plexiglass Trim Hat, which would run you about $340, and a Bottega Veneta The Pouch bag in black. The It bag tallies up at $2,700. Finally, she also added a pair of Off-White collaboration Air Jordan 5 sneakers, retailing for $225. Needless to say, at a grand total of $4,665, the rainy day ‘fit is pretty regal, right?

It’s no surprise to see the brunette beauty splurge on her fashion prowess. In fact, an insider told Life & Style exclusively that she loves dropping some coin on a good style moment. “She spends at least $300K on fashion every week. She has rooms full of things she’s only worn once,” the source said in December 2019. “She’s bought cars just to match her outfits.”

Plus, her shoe game is just as fierce. “While her closets are to die for, there isn’t enough room to fit all the shoes she owns,” the insider added. “There are well over a thousand pairs.” But she’s not just spending money on clothes — Kylie is also interested in investing in real estate. Talk about the high life!

“She wants to continue to expand her portfolio — within Cali and in other states and countries,” the source continued. “She’s even considering buying a private island and turning it into a retreat so she can relax without being disturbed.”

At the end of the day, it’s Kylie’s world … and we’re just living in it. “It’s beyond belief how fabulous her world is now,” the source raved. “While she was always confident that she’d be rich, she never expected she’d be this successful.”