It’s over! Lana Del Rey and boyfriend Sean “Sticks” Larkin split after six months of dating, the Oklahoma-based cop confirmed. “Right now, we’re just friends,” the Live PD star explained to the New York Times on March 19. “We still talk and whatnot, we just have busy schedules right now.”

The pair met while Sean, 46, was working on the police reality show in New York City and “kind of hit it off from day one,” he said. Fans caught wind of their romance after paparazzi captured the two out on a walk in Central Park in September 2019. The attention was a change for Sean, but it didn’t come as a surprise. He noted that “of course” he knew who the Grammy nominee, 34, was before they got involved. 

Sean Larkin Wears Hat and Smiles With Ex Girlfriend Lana Del Rey in White Fuzzy Beanie
Courtesy of Sean Larkin Instagram

Sean joked that his kids, who are 17 and 22, were “kind of blown away” by his high-profile girlfriend. He added that his children introduce him to new music, which helps him “stay relevant” at home and work.

“If you stay on top of music that some of these guys are listening to, it’s something relatable,” Sean explained about his time patrolling. “If you stop them in a car and they’ve got whoever playing the radio, and you know who it is, you start talking to them about it, and it’s kind of an icebreaker.”

Despite exploring their relationship in the limelight, Sean divulged that he and Lana did “boyfriend, girlfriend type of things together” like any other couple. From hanging out at the beach in Los Angeles to going on Target runs in Oklahoma, their time together was “very low-key.”

“When we were in Tulsa we hung out with my law enforcement friends and their spouses. We all Super Bowl partied together, dinners and things like that,” Sean dished. “Normal things couples do with their friends.”

Lana and the police officer seemed to be getting serious after they walked the red carpet during the 2020 Grammy Awards in January 2020. He called the glitzy experience “enjoyable,” and noted that he wasn’t “nervous … at all.”

Lana Del Rey and Sean Larkin at the Grammys Kissing
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“We drive cars 120 miles per hour, and I don’t want to sound like a tough guy, but I mean, when you’re behind a known shooting suspect and he jumps out the car running, you’ve got to get out chasing,” he said about his adrenaline-inducing job as a cop. Sadly, that was the last event he’d attend with the songstress.

Although Lana and Sean have gone their separate ways, it seems like the exes ended things on friendly terms.