Making strides! Lauren Luyendyk (née Burnham) revealed her and husband Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s first child, daughter Alessi, is still adjusting to no longer being the only child now that son Lux and daughter Senna are here.

“Alessi’s world changed in a big way this month [with] the twins’ arrival [and not going to lie], things haven’t been all cupcakes [and] rainbows, but I’m so proud of her learning to adapt to her new role as big sister,” the 29-year-old wrote about her 2-year-old via Instagram. “What are some things you did to make your toddler’s transition easier after bringing home a new baby?”

The Bachelor alums welcomed their twins on June 11 and their dad, 39, announced their birth the following day. “@luyendyktwins are here! Momma and babies are doing great and everything went smoothly,” the former race car driver wrote via his Instagram Stories. “Spending time cherishing these moments, thank you all for all the support.”

However, the Shades of Roses founder revealed just three days later they would be taking little Lux home — but Senna would have to stay at the hospital for further observation. “Today is so bittersweet. Little sis has to stay behind for now,” Lauren wrote on Instagram on June 15. “I’ve never felt heartbreak like this. [Please] say prayers for our girl. [Two thirds] of my heart right here.”

One day prior, the designer shared a YouTube video with a hospital nurse in which the health professional explained some of the reasons why the facility wanted to continue monitoring Senna’s progress. “Babies transition really quickly during the first 12 hours of life,” the wellness employee said. “Some babies need it for a couple days. Just depends. When the doctor comes back over and if she’s still needing respiratory support for a few more hours, she might get a chest X-ray just to see a better picture of what’s going on.”

The Bachelor Nation mom announced her second pregnancy — and revealed that she was expecting twins — via Instagram in December 2020 following a devastating miscarriage six months prior. “It’s hard to know what to say right now,” Lauren gushed at the time. “I’ve been crying on and off for the past [three] months … right now is no different. So so grateful.”