Nothing but love! Lili Reinhart, who stars in the upcoming movie Hustlers, alongside Jennifer Lopez, had nothing but nice things to say about the pop star.

“I think you learn something from every person that you work with, big or small. I can respect the fact that J. Lo has been doing this for over two decades of her life and she still kills it,” the Riverdale star, 22, recently told E! News about the 49-year-old.

As for what is Jen like while she’s working? “She has fun on set and I don’t think she takes herself too seriously, which is always a good position to be in [and a] good attitude to have,” Lili revealed.

Lili may only have a few years of experience in the entertainment industry, but her work ethic is amazing. The blonde beauty worked on Hustlers at the same time as she worked on Riverdale and managed to make it go smoothly. However, it was no walk in the park.

“It was intense,” she told the outlet. “[But] really a lot of fun and so different from Riverdale. I started filming Hustlers as I was wrapping the third season, so I was going back and forth a lot, which was two completely different … worlds. It was a great experience.”

Her Riverdale costar Camila Mendes revealed that Lili couldn’t have been more perfect for her Hustlers role, in which she plays a stripper.

“It was written in the cards for her,” Cami, 25, confessed. Lili asked the brunette beauty why that was the case and Camila did not hesitate to remind her of a Riverdale episode from season 1, which involved Lili wearing in lingerie and a dark wig. “Because of that episode … when you did a striptease,” Camila said.

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“We don’t talk about that,” Lili replied. “Hey, they saw something in you,” The Perfect Date star said. “I guess they did. It was an audition and I didn’t even know it,” the Galveston alum responded.

Hustlers hits theaters on September 13. We can’t wait!