Love Is Blind couple Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux became known as — arguably — the strongest duo out of the season 3 cast, but are they still together to this day? During the February 2023 Love Is Blind: After the Altar three-episode season, the pair made what appeared to be a shocking revelation about a potential pregnancy. 

Keep reading to get a full update on whether Alexa and Brennon are still together! 

Are Love Is Blind’s Alexa and Brennon Still Together? 

Fans of the happy couple can rejoice because Alexa and Brennon are still happily married and in love following their time on Love Is Blind

After the two made it out of the pods and met each other in person in 2021, Alexa took to Instagram to open up about how “special” the road ahead would be. 

‘Love Is Blind’: Are Alexa and Brennon Still Together?

“Not only do we get to meet one another’s families, we really get to experience each other back in the ‘real world’ and see what married life would be like,” she captioned her post in October 2022. “Although we talked for hours and hours in the pods, having the discussions together back at home just felt deeper and made it all the more real. We had conversations about finances, children, religion, goals and many more important discussions. We really got to see how different our backgrounds are, but it was also reaffirmed that no matter how different our worlds were, we both valued love and family above all else. It’s so easy to watch these small clips and make an assumption about who we are as people and judge us. Love really is priceless and the greatest gift of all.” 

Alexa and Brennon tied the knot in June 2021 but didn’t share photos from their stunning wedding until November 2022 in order to give fans a chance to watch the LiB episodes. 

Since the happy couple made it clear that they’ve been going strong, they dropped a major bombshell during the After the Altar special in February 2023. 

Is Love Is Blind’s Alexa Pregnant With Baby No. 1? 

In one of the final scenes of Love Is Blind: After the Altar, Brennon gave Alexa a sweet birthday present that sent fans into a tizzy: a custom baby onesie. The adorable piece of clothing read “Baby Lemieux,” and Brennon even said, “Coming 2023,” as he presented his wife with the gift. 

What Did Alexa and Brennon Say About Having Kids? 

The pair has not publicly confirmed whether Alexa is pregnant. However, Netflix viewers can recall that she mentioned wanting five children in her future during the series. Not only that, but she even plans on having a C-section whenever she and Brennon have children together. 

“I’m having a C-section … ‘cause nothing’s coming out my yahoo,” the reality TV star said in one episode of After the Altar, adding that she wants to keep her “vagina tight like a tiger.” 

Shortly after the three-episode series dropped on Netflix in February 2023, Alexa gushed about her husband in an Instagram post. 

“This right here is all that matters,” the Netflix personality wrote alongside a photo of her kissing Brennon. “For everyone watching, it’s a show. You get to see little fragments of our life through someone else’s lens. I prefer my real life where it’s drama-free, and it’s just me and you. You are my person. You are my family. You are my home. Forever and always, baby.”