How are they gonna do him like that? The 2018 Emmy Awards aired on Monday, Sept. 17, and at one point during the broadcast, producers took a break from giving actors and actresses their awards to air an “in memoriam” segment to honor all of the celebrities that have passed away within the last year. But the late hip-hop star Mac Miller was not included in the segment and fans were so outraged that they took to social media to express their anger over the Emmys seemingly dissing Mac after his death.

“Did they really just skip Mac Miller and not give him a tribute? Yes, he was a singer and not an actor but they did a tribute to [singer] Aretha Franklin and [John] McCain who was just a politician so…what’s up?” one fan wrote, while another commented, “I think it’s weird and sad that they didn’t mention #MacMiller in that memoriam. He was a singer and a performer, and definitely should’ve been included.” Another fan summed it up: “#Emmys Mac Miller wasn’t worth mentioning? Wow. Hollywood is trash.”

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Mac was a rapper who was highly regarded and loved by both his fans and his peers in the music industry. He died on September 7, 2018, from an apparent drug overdose. Cops responded to a call at his Studio City home at 11:42 a.m. and he was pronounced dead once law enforcement officials arrive. He was just 26 years old.

In the wake of his death, fans, friends, and family shared heartfelt tributes to Mac from his ex-girlfriends Nomi Leasure and Ariana Grande to YouTube star Tana Mongeau, to fellow rappers like Chance the Rapper and Wiz Khalifa.

Mac had been open about his drug use in the past both in his songs and in the media, and back in 2015, he opened up about his journey to sobriety. “I still smoke cigarettes. I’m not completely sober, but I’m way better than I was at that point,” he revealed to Billboard at the time. “I was afraid of what my life had become. But once you just breathe and relax, you come to terms with it. This is my life, I enjoy it, and it’s OK that I enjoy it.”