Matthew Gray Gubler Is One of a Kind! See Photos of His Complete Transformation Over the Years

Hotshot! Matthew Gray Gubler is loved by … pretty much everyone, and that’s no exaggeration. From his authentic, carefree spirit to playing the most handsome brainy special agent, people are constantly intrigued by the actor. 

The Nevada native is most commonly known for his role as Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds, the role that skyrocketed his career. Not only did Matthew play one of the most loved characters in the former CBS series, but he directed some of the episodes and was the only character to be credited in every single episode. 

When the show came to an end in 2020, the Alvin and The Chipmunks star left with a positive mindset, revealing that he was not sad the show was coming to an end because it was created to perfection. “I got to be in the very last shot of the entire series,” he told TV Line in February 2020. 

“Which was a nice bookend because when we shot the pilot, I remember, I was in the very first shot that we ever did of the entire series,” he continued.

“If the show had only gone for six years, it probably would’ve been emotional, but because it’s been such a beautiful presence in our life for 15 years, it wasn’t sad. It was kind of beautiful.”

The Tangled voice actor’s personality IRL is actually similar to his prominent role. In August 2015, Matthew gave Vanity Fair a tour of his “Haunted Treehouse.” The exterior of the home resembles an old cottage with an interior design that brings The Hobbit vibes to life.

“When I bought the house, I redid the interior to match the exterior,” he said while showing off his perfectly imperfect fireplace. “I wanted it to look like a drunk gnome had built it in the 1800s and I’m the only person who was bad enough at masonry to build it exactly like a drunk gnome ward.”

Now, we know what you’re really wondering … is he single? 

Yes, the 500 Days of Summer star is currently single, but he has been linked to Hollywood’s funniest ladies in the past. Matthew dated WandaVision actress Kat Dennings from January to August 2007 and although their relationship was short-lived, the two have remained friends. They’re so close that he even appeared in Kat’s Hulu series, Dollface, in 2019 as one of her characters’ many love interests.

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