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COCO CHANEL ONCE SAID, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Ohhh… the power of a good stylist. Not only do hair and makeup artists transform looks on the daily, but they do so much more. They are listeners, confidants, therapists, instructors, students, trendsetters, entrepreneurs, marketers, and more.

The Ultimate Stylist online competition invited stylists from across the world to vie for the top honor. In addition to a magazine feature in Life & Style, the winner took home a check for $10,000 and was treated to a professional photoshoot and Las Vegas experience.

The Ultimate Stylist Winner:  Jasmine Martinez

Jasmine 3

Jasmine Martinez, an expressive makeup artist and aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for bright colors and sustainability, takes the Ultimate Stylist top honor.

Born and raised in Colorado, Jasmine Martinez grew up on a small alfalfa farm where her love for bright colors was inspired by the surrounding mountains and nature in general. She moved to Oklahoma to pursue a higher education in marketing, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, with plans to create affordable, eco-friendly products that everyone can enjoy.

Jasmine’ s specialty in the beauty industry is make up with a focus on bridal and pageant glam.

“My craft was first inspired by the album covers of my favorite singers. Drawn to all things colorful, I have always had an attraction to art that is out of the norm. The first make up look I ever created was inspired by Bad Bunny’ s ‘X 100pre’ album cover.  I love how make up stimulates the creativity in me and allows me to express myself by using my face as the canvas for my artwork.”

Jasmine turns to Pat McGrath for inspiration. “Not only has she influenced the make up industry, but also the fashion and designer industry. She is the most influential make up artist in the world (as expressed in Vogue), and I hope to be half the woman she is one day.”

This confident, energetic little lady knows first hand from the competition that you don’t just get handed your successes. You have to work for them.

“When I first entered the competition I promised myself I would do whatever it takes to win. I knew that if I wanted to win, I had to do what the other 99% of the competitors wouldn’t.  I got the idea to make flyers and network my way to the finale . Every morning for over two months, I would hand out flyers all over Oklahoma. In all, I handed out over 10,000 flyers while simultaneously educating people on Lady Gaga’ s Born This Way Foundation.

I used my marketing background to design an eye-catching flyer that incorporated some of my favorite make up looks I’ve  created and added a QR code that people could scan and would take them directly to my voting link. I am beyond thankful for the thousands of people who took my flyers with a smile on their face and were willing to vote for me even though they didn’t know who I was. To them I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to excel my career and make them all proud.”

Ultimate Stylist

My sets incorporate bright colors with a hint of street-style fashion. All of my products will be eco-friendly as a way to educate people on the importance of sustainability.

So what advice does Jasmine give to newbie stylists and make up artist s looking to get ahead in their career?

“My best advice would be to make a plan. Take a day where you sit down and REALLY think about what you want for yourself. Create a vision board, and make small attainable goals within your overall career goal. You can’t hit a target you aren’t aiming for, so making a plan is crucial if you want to make it in an industry as competitive as make up. If your dreams don’t scare you, you aren’t thinking big enough. You are the director of your own life  so only water things you want to grow, and with consistency, a plan, and focus, the only outcome will be success. Believe in yourself and go for what you want .” And, she takes her own advice.

Jasmine is proud to announce that she will be launching her own merch line in September.

Ultimate Stylist

If your dreams don’t scare you, you aren’t thinking big enough

Keep your eye out for this baddie boss babe because, in her words, “I am here to change the beauty industry.” Follow Jasmine at @thejazzymartinez.

The Ultimate Stylist Runner Up:  Patrick Lewis

Patrick Lewis is serious about the craft of haircutting. Not only does he co-own one of Chicago’s most beloved salons, Edit Salon, with his wife, but he shares his expertise through education as an art team educator specializing in razor cutting at Arrojo NYC (Nick Arrojo happens to be his role model in the industry as well). Patrick also shares his cutting knowledge by educating with Reuzel, a men’s grooming line. If that’s not enough, in his free time he develops and perfects stylist educational platforms with his team at Edit Salon, which provides in-house learning for Chicagoland stylists.

Ultimate Stylist

You can’t cheat the grind, it’s integral to our industry.

Patrick cannot say enough about continued education. “I have learned that you have to keep evolving as a stylist. Education is a process and requires effort, but that’s why I love this industry. Whether it’s razor cutting, men’s hair, bobs, texture, teaching, owning a salon, or photography, nothing is stagnate; everything is a process and the evolution should be on repeat.”

He’s not only a highly recognized salon owner (his salon was voted Best New Salon by Chicago Magazine when it opened in 2012), but he’s a loving dad, great conversationalist, and a business-savvy entrepreneur who is always looking to take his artistry and salon to the next level. In his spare time, Patrick likes to get behind the camera and do photoshoots to remain active creatively. He also loves to hit the ice and play hockey, perhaps because it lies on the opposite end of the hairstyling spectrum – gotta have balance. Patrick shares some valuable advice to newbies, “Find a strong educational apprenticeship and commit! Say yes to everything! I truly believe stylists flourish in a communal environment, so find yourself a good salon or company and put in the time to become part of the team. You can’t cheat the grind, it’s integral to our industry.”

Follow Patrick @patrick_doeshair

The Ultimate Stylist Runner Up:  Selene Doran

Up-and-comer Selene Doran is a Germanborn, Texas-raised, Maine-based artist who not only loves to do hair but also to make jewelry, draw, and paint — basically anything that takes an artist’s hand. When it comes to being a stylist, she loves everything about color, from balayage to corrections to complete makeovers. Selene learned the art of hairstyling at a very young age as her mom was in the industry — it’s in her blood. While her mom is her OG inspiration, Guy Tang has become her idol. “His colors are stunning, and I want to be as good as him one day,” she said.

Ultimate Stylist

When asked how it felt being in the Final 4 of the Ultimate Stylist competition, Selene exclaimed, “It’s very surreal! I feel like I’m getting a glimpse of the glamorous life and it’s crazy. I feel like I’m in a movie/dream.”

Follow Selene @ selene_c_beauty

The Ultimate Stylist Runner Up:  Annie Berry

Annie Berry is a stylish, sassy spitfire who brings incredible talent, design, education, confidence, positive energy, session experience, and a signature blowout — the Berry Blo — to the table. She has been in the industry for 30 years and has worked on several different platforms along the way including on-set for Rudy and Interview with a Vampire; on-site for celebrity hair styling (including bleaching out Dennis Rodman’s locks); on-editorial set; and on-stage as a platform artist.

Annie has two industry heros: Aveda’s Founder Horst Rechelbacher, and longtime salon owner Billy Sullo of Billy Sullo Salon, a cherished mentor whose flair for customer service and business sensibilities set him apart.

Ultimate Stylist

In her spare time, Annie spends a lot of time in the kitchen. “Cooking and the dinner table have been the heartbeat of our home.” She learned the art form of canning from family and now crafts homemade Jams — Jamin’ Jamz — a creation around music and gatherings.” Her motto: ‘Dance like nobody’s watching.’

Follow Annie @mydancingbrushes


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