Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle were once on the road to a close friendship, but a few cracks led to shady snubs. Speaking of, the Suits actress allegedly got offended after the former Spice Girl gave her unsolicited beauty secrets.

“Only after The Sun reported how Victoria had given Meghan make-up advice did the relationship between the two ambitious women crash,” author Tom Bower wrote in the tell-all book “The House of Beckham.”

Victoria, 50, reportedly denied leaking the story.

The investigative journalist claimed that Meghan’s husband, “[Prince] Harry was ordered to complain to David Beckham,” and it didn’t end well. Harry, 39, and David’s semi-tainted friendship worsened as the soccer legend, 49, continued his relationship with Harry’s brother, Prince William, whom he was not on good terms with at the time.

“Ever since the World Cup bid in 2010, the two had enjoyed a good relationship,” Tom , 77, claimed. “For the Sussexes, who were already complaining about their unequal status and wealth compared to the Cambridges, the sight of Becks with William was annoying.”

That said, that wasn’t the only thing that Meghan, 42, had an issue with. In the book, Tom alleged that the California native grew “irritated” by the Bechkam’s wealth.

“In Meghan’s celebrity world, ranking depended on wealth and fame. As a seasoned operator, Meghan deluded herself that her status in the royal family placed her above Victoria in the social pecking order,” Tom wrote, later noting, “[Meghan and Harry] owned five homes, had constant access to private jets, invitations to sail on yachts and much more money. And she was soon to be a duchess.”

Meghan Markle Offended by Victoria Beckham’s ‘Makeup Advice’

The royals’ wedding took place in the midst of their rocky friendship with the Beckhams in May 2018 and their partial invite to the celebration made it clear where they stood. While Victoria and David snagged an invite to the wedding ceremony, they didn’t make the cut for the exclusive dinner that followed.

The end of their friendships seemed to officially be over when Meghan and Harry were not asked to attend the wedding of David and Victoria’s son Brooklyn Beckham and wife Nicola Peltz in 2022. William and Princess ​Kate Middleton received an invite, but graciously declined the offer.

After things got bad between the royal couples, Victoria publicly gushed over Meghan. In fact, she reflected on the Hollywood star’s past quote about “girl power” in 2019.

“I have always been about embracing who you are, supporting others, not being judgemental, treating others how you want to be treated. Sometimes it’s just the fundamental basics,” the fashion designer told Glamour UK at the time. “Women supporting women is key. I liked what Meghan Markle said at the [British] Fashion Awards, that it used to be cool to be cruel, and now it’s cool to be kind. Kindness was always at the core of Girl Power.”

In May, a source exclusively told Life & Style that Victoria wasn’t “not nervous” about the release of the tell-all book.

“Experience tells her she will be highly scrutinized and critiqued within its pages,” the insider said, before later admitting, “She’s just praying there’s not more to worry about. What other secrets and lies could it reveal?”