LOL! Mila Kunis roasted husband Ashton Kutcher, making fun of his and Reese Witherspoon‘s “awkward” red carpet photos from the Your Place or Mine premiere on February 2.

The Legally Blonde alum, 46, revealed during a Monday, February 6, appearance on Today With Hoda & Jenna that she and the That ’90s Show star, 45, received an email from Mila, 39, calling out the costars for their weird poses. Fans trolled Reese and Ashton online after they stood next to each other for photos at the premiere without touching. 

“My wife called me, she texted Reese and I together, she’s like, ‘Guys, you gotta act like you like each other.’ I’m like, ‘What’s going on?'” Ashton, for his part, said on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast on Tuesday, February 7. “Here’s the thing, if I put my arm around her and was all friendly with her, I’d be having an affair with her! The rumor would be that I’m having an affair.”

The That ’70s Show alum continued, “If I stand next to her, I put my hands in my pockets, so there’s no chance that that could be the rumor … the rumor is that we don’t like each other!”

Mila Kunis Roasts Husband Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon's 'Awkward' Red Carpet Photos
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Despite what the internet thinks, Ashton made it clear that he and Reese are “really good friends.” He added, “We’re really close, I don’t have to defend that.”

The pair are set to star in the Netflix rom-com, set to premiere on Friday, February 10. According to Reese, there’s nothing awkward going on between her and Ashton — especially when they were filming Your Place or Mine.

“I’m better friends with Mila ’cause I’d known her for a very long time,” the Big Little Lies star shared on Today With Hoda & Jenna. “He’s so professional. He’s the funniest guy. I mean, such a goofball! We had so much fun. And every time he’d wear a funny outfit, I’d text Mila and be like, ‘What is he wearing?‘”

Previously, the Hello Sunshine founder spoke candidly about working on her chemistry with Ashton for the film.

“We really worked on it, we talked every day for the month leading up to it,” she gushed to The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on February 3. “We sent each other videos every single day so that we got to know each other so that by the time we got to set, he knew my dog’s name, he knew all of my kids, I’d seen him get his coffee.”