LOL! Pregnant Nikki Bella confessed she “outgrew” her double-D sized bras, but it’s a perk that her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev, is fully embracing. The 36-year-old and her identical twin, Brie, announced that they are both expecting — and due a week and half apart — on January 29. Since then, the sisters have been sharing their very relatable pregnancy journies.

“Well, I’ve outgrown my bras (not like I wore them much [anyway] LOL),” Nikki tweeted from the Bella twins’ account. “Leaving the alphabet of two D’s to enter a whole new alphabet that [terrifies] me.”

While the WWE Diva may be a little apprehensive about the changes her body is going through, the Dancing With the Stars pro is right on board. “Artem does not seem scared at all. Of course LOL,” Nikki added at the end of her post.

Nikki has been extremely open about the ins and outs of pregnancy, which includes very normal weight gain. “So, still have some abs but my bump is getting bigger. How cute!” Nikki gushed on her Instagram Story during the “super early” hours of January 31. “It’s, like, right here at the bottom. I love it. I found out my placenta is, like, right at the top, right at the front — not on the back. But, um, yeah, it’s so crazy to watch it grow and the scale, which I’m getting used to. But, I’m embracing it. I love it because my baby is in there.”

Considering fitness is her life, pregnancy has definitely been a big adjustment. Nikki confessed that the baby news came as a “total surprise” to her and her fiancé, 37. “It took even me a good week to come to terms with like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m pregnant.’ I’m not ready for it,” she said during an interview with .

“I was in yoga, and I kept getting this feeling that you need to take a pregnancy test, but I wasn’t even late yet,” she explained about discovering she was expecting on the heels of Brie’s announcement. “And so I’m like, ‘Why do I keep having this feeling? Am I getting twin vibes from her? Because she just told me she’s pregnant?’” Sometimes, you just know.

Nikki Bella Shows Growing Baby Bump and Abs in Video
Courtesy of Nikki Bella Instagram

Nikki and Artem got engaged during a trip to France in November 2019, and now they have a baby on the way. We can’t wait to see them enjoy this exciting chapter!