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From Bollywood to Hollywood! Has Priyanka Chopra Had Plastic Surgery? See Her Transformation Photos

A natural beauty. Priyanka Chopra Jonas previously described herself as a “gawky imperfect child,” but she blossomed into a stunning beauty and was crowned Miss World 2000. 

“I was a gawky kid, had low self-esteem, came from a modest middle-class background, [and] had white marks on my legs. But I was damn hard working,” Priyanka said at the India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit in 2012. “Today, my legs sell 12 brands.”

The India native moved to the United States at just 12 years old where she lived with her aunt and attended high school, before returning home for her senior year. 

“When I went back to India and I was in this small town and I was peacocking like I peacocked in my American high school, I had boys follow me home and one of them jumped into my balcony at night,” she recalled during a May 2023 appearance on The Howard Stern Show. “That’s why my dad was like f–k this. Bars, all your jeans are confiscated, you are going to wear Indian suits, nothing happening. I had a driver drive me everywhere, he was freaked out. I get it but then my career happened.”

She continued, “I feel so bad for my dad because he was like, ‘You’re going to wear loose clothes or you’re going to wear Indian clothes.’”

While the Citadel star was “leaning into” her edgy fashion and her newfound fame, her mental health and self-esteem later took a hit after she underwent a botched cosmetic procedure. 

“It was a dark phase,” she told Howard Stern of the aftermath when she learned the surgeons made a mistake during the procedure.

“This thing happens, and my face looks completely different, and I went into a deep, deep depression,” she told the America’s Got Talent judge of the “dark phase” that she experienced after having a polyp removed from her nasal cavity. 

She went on to say that she felt her acting career was “over before it started.” It wasn’t until her father convinced her to have corrective surgery that she got her confidence back. 

“I was terrified of that, but he was like, ‘I will be in the room with you,'” she recalled. “He held my hands through it and helped me build back my confidence.”

Keep scrolling to see photos of Priyanka’s complete transformation.