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You’ve Never Seen Them Like This! Goofy Photos of the Royal Family Looking Anything Other Than Royal

Royally … unroyal! Prince William, Princess Catherine, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan (née Markle) look perfectly polished and poised most of the time. However, over the years, the paparazzi has snapped a few not so flattering photos of the foursome and their kids (that was of course while Harry and Meghan were still living in Great Britain). With that said, there’s something about an heir to the British throne sneezing or getting caught in the wind that just makes them seem a little more human.

The famous family has used a number of tricks up their sleeves to combat any potential wardrobe malfunctions. For instance, to avoid dresses blowing up in the wind, the ladies put weights in their hems. Stewart Parvin, one of the late Queen Elizabeth’s couturiers, told the Daily Mail, “Surprisingly, it is nothing fancy. I use curtain weights, lead weights, from Peter Jones’s curtain department. We call them penny weights.”

As for how they keep their hair looking flawless at all times? Well, there’s a trick for that, too. Myka, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, told The Sun, “Often it’s so windy and breezy that hats are used to keep hair in place,” she said. “Just like the dresses fly up, so does your hair. Right when you walk off the airplane those are the first photos that go viral, so the hat is often used right when they walk off for that reason.”

These days, Kate has really stepped up her style game as she prepares to become queen. “Everyone has been commenting on how great she looks,” a royal source exclusively told Life & Style magazine in September 2019. “She’s going more glam as she prepares to become queen,” the insider revealed. “Kate began training for her future role last year, which not only involves shadowing Queen Elizabeth II but working with royal aides, who are advising her on how to act and look the part, too.”

As you may expect, a royal revamp doesn’t come cheap. “With a closet full of new clothes, she must have spent over $200,000 on her queen makeover,” the source dished. Of course, Kate didn’t limit her spending to just clothing.

“She has a stylist and a hair and makeup team who tend to her every need,” the insider noted. As it happens, though, the proud mother of three — who shares George, Charlotte and Louis, with William — doesn’t require too much primping in the hair department.

“Kate’s never needed extensions because she’s lucky enough to have thick, glossy, to-die-for locks — but she also enjoys experimenting.”

Still, not everyone can be perfect *all* the time, no matter how hard he or she may try. So while weights and hats usually do the trick, keep scrolling to see photos of the British royal family’s funniest not-so-royal moments.