Drake’s Flashiest ‘Fits are Something Else — and Worth A Whole Lot More Than What’s in Your Bank Account

Our dude Drizzy is all about the drip — and by that, we mean bling and all sorts of things that elevate his wardrobe. Drake has really come up in the ranks since his Degrassi days, y’all, and the rapper is currently worth about $150 million bucks. With that kind of cash definitely comes a closet to match, so we threw together a quick glance at the Canadian crooner’s best clothes … and one of his looks that cost a fresh million.

Back in April, the 33-year-old was featured in a YouTube video series where fashion-forward folks will price out their outfit for the camera. A vlogger named Kofi documents this ongoing series on his channel, The Unknown Vlogs, but this particular video got the internet really hyped up. It was a special addition to the series, featuring not only Drake but also his OVO crew (October’s Very Own, the Toronto native’s brand).

After all of his pals rattled off the prices of their expensive ‘fits, the master himself came through to show them how a real pricey ~lewk~ is done. Needless to say, we were a little shook at just how much each of these pieces would cost a plebeian like us.

First, Driz showed off his custom Brioni long coat, complete with his name (his real one, which is Aubrey Graham) stitched inside the pocket. The jacket runs for $11,000 — imagine finding that at a bar or something. Next, the rapper flaunted his Tom Ford turtleneck and trousers, which together total up to $3,000. The Tom Ford shoes, though, are where the designer gets pricey. The crocodile dress shoes cost a whopping $15,000.

But if you think that is a ton of dough, wait for the accessories. Drake’s diamond chain (which he can often be seen rocking with a turtleneck, as well as in the vid) goes for $200,000, which is more than a down payment on a house. Then, his Richard Mille RM 69 watch comes in and knocks that chain off its game … because the watch is worth a staggering $750,000. Woof.

All together, the ~lewk~ leveled up to an astronomical $979k … which, yes, is just short of a real million. But knowing Driz, all he needs to do is add another (probably small) piece of bling to really get there.

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of Drake’s flashiest ‘fits ever! 

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