Drama? What drama? Shanna Moakler reunited with daughter Alabama Barker on Tuesday, November 9, after comments made by Shanna regarding Travis Barker‘s engagement to fiancée Kourtney Kardashian.

The Playboy model, 46, shared a clip of herself riding with Alabama, 15, on her Instagram Stories and then showcased her makeup done by her daughter.

Days before the mom-daughter hang-out session, Shanna told a reporter, per Page Six, that she was “super happy” for Travis, 45, and Kourtney, 42, before adding, “I think they’re very deserving of one another. I hope they get good ratings.”

Before her ratings remark, she said that fans “can’t imagine” what she’s had to deal with since her split from Travis in the comments section of a recent Instagram post and added that the week of Travis and Kourtney’s engagement has been a “[f–king] year.”

Alabama Barker Reunites With Mom Shanna Moakler and Does Her Makeup After Family Drama
Courtesy of Shanna Moakler/Instagram

Alabama and her brother Landon Barker previously publicly aired their grievances about their mom on social media earlier this year, causing their disagreements with the former Miss USA to attract public scrutiny.

In May, Landon, 18, claimed that Shanna has “never been” in her children’s lives in a reply to a social media troll — and days later, his sister echoed those sentiments on Instagram. At some point, the teens unfollowed their mother on Instagram, but seemingly refollowed her in August 2021. Shanna and Alabama have also since hung out a number of times together.

“I think it’s heartbreaking when your kids go public and make accusations that aren’t true,” the Wedding Singer actress previously told Life & Style about her children’s remarks. “Not just about me as a parent but also about my relationship. [Alabama] has a much bigger fan base than I do. What mother wants to have their child upset with them? What mother wants to hear their children say such horrible things? It’s just sad.”

In June, the mother of three, who also shares 21-year-old daughter Atiana with ex Oscar De La Hoya, revealed to Page Six that her relationship with her children was still rough, so she was giving them space “so we can heal and come back together again.” She explained at the time, “Sadly, right now at this moment, there’s still some distance.”

“Right now, I’m really just trying to let [my kids] all know that I’m here for them and I love them and I’m their mom and I’ll always want to be in their lives,” Shanna explained to the publication at the time. “All I can do is just sort of give it some time so we all can heal, but I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the future.”