Ready for your close-up, Miss Richie? Sofia Richie took to her Instagram Stories to share a slice of life photo from her day on February 27 — and it looks as though the model was holding a highlighted script in the shot. Can you say #ActingCareer?

“One of those days,” the 21-year-old bombshell captioned the photo of herself holding the possible script while wearing an all-nude monochrome look. It seems as though the blonde beauty might have been hard at work memorizing lines! Get it, girl.

Courtesy of @sofiarichie/Instagram

It’s great to see the influencer making strides with her career. “I feel like, for a while, I kind of held back on things because I was afraid of failure, but 2020 is [the year of] no fear! I’m gonna be doing acting stuff really soon,” Sof told Entertainment Tonight back in early February.

In fact, the Los Angeles native gushed to the outlet about how “excited” she was for the “big things” coming up in her work world and her potential new lane — so much so that she revealed she is already making moves in the film and television scene. “The roles I’m reading for right now are kind of similar to me, so they’re easy for me to play, and I really, really enjoy it,” she raved.

Sofia comes from a famous family — hello, Lionel Richie and Nicole Richie — so it makes sense to see her strive for greatness. But it looks as though she’s mostly trying to forge her own path. She told ET she felt “stuck in everyone’s shadow” at times. “I’m very different from both my sister and my dad,” she explained. “So I feel like I’ve kind of navigated into my lane and it’s been great for me.”

Unfortunately for all of us reality television lovers, this definitely means Sofia won’t be appearing on next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The hopeful showed up briefly during season 17 when she went to Finland with boyfriend Scott Disick and his ex Kourtney Kardashian … but it looks like the budding performer is leaving the reality scene behind indefinitely.

Can’t wait for your first flick, Sof!