Wait … is that you, girl?! Sofia Richie took to her Instagram Stories to show off what she might look like with one blue eye and one green eye on February 26 — thanks to an Instagram filter that changes your eye color. Needless to say, we were actually kind of into the ~trippy~ effect on the A-lister.

In a quick video clip, the 21-year-old bombshell showed off the filter’s effect on her face, which included the eye color changes and a face full of freckles. Like other similar filters that are widely used, it also seemed to slightly enhance her other features, too, like plumping up her lips a bit. She looked good … but does anyone actually look bad while using one of these filters? Not really.


It’s good to see the starlet looking happy and cute on the ‘gram. After all, her love life is in a great place and that’s enough to make anyone feel good. In fact, an eyewitness told Life & Style exclusively that she and boyfriend Scott Disick were “all over each other” during the launch event for her collaboration with Australian denim brand Rolla’s on February 20.

“She lights him up immediately and vice versa,” the onlooker gushed about the couple’s connection at Harriet’s Rooftop in West Hollywood. The eyewitness also gushed that the dynamic duo was “cuddling” while standing at a table talking with some friends. “He [had] his arms around her waist, and they [were] kissing and really into each other,” the insider said.

Plus, the source revealed that after they shared a few laughs and “butt smacks, the KUWTK star and his model girlfriend posed for some “sexy photos” in the photo booth. “They snuggled up,” the source added. “She had her arm around his neck and her face against his.” Clearly, these two were riding the high of being together.

Days later, Sof sung Scott’s praised on her Instagram Story over a gifted McDonald’s meal — which is exactly what we’d expect from this longtime couple. “Look who sent me a gift for my flight home,” the blonde beauty raved about the thoughtful ~present~ from bae. “Cutest human alive.”