Ladies, get you a man like Scott Disick! On Monday, February 24, Sofia Richie took to her Instagram Story to reveal the very sweet (and yummy!) gesture her longtime boyfriend made. “Look who sent me a gift for my flight home,” the 21-year-old model gushed while panning to a McDonald’s bag and drink. “Cutest human alive.” 

As it happens, Scott, 36, is constantly showering Sofia with affection. That’s right, Lord Disick is quite the romantic at heart. “He still surprises Sofia with flowers, love notes, gifts and mini-breaks abroad, just the two of them,” a source exclusively told Life & Style in November 2019. 

Sofia, of course, is perfectly smitten with her man. In fact, during a launch event for her collection with Australian denim company Rolla’s, an eyewitness exclusively revealed to Life & Style that the A-list couple was “all over each other.” 

Scott Disick Kisses Girlfriend Sofia Richie in Instagram Photo
Courtesy of Sofia Richie Instagram

“She lights him up immediately and vice versa,” the onlooker added. Question is, after nearly three years of dating, when do Scott and Sofia plan to take things to the next level? “Like most couples, they have their ups and downs, but those close to them wouldn’t be surprised if Scott pops the question next year,” a third source told Life & Style in December. “He’s been saying Sofia’s ‘The One’ for a while now.”

On top of Scott being totally taken by Sofia, his three children — Mason, 10, Penelope, 7, and Reign, 5 — whom he shares with ex Kourtney Kardashian, love her, too! “Sofia’s great with Mason, Penelope and Reign,” the source said. However, the Los Angeles native has no intention of pushing Kourtney, 40, out of the picture. “She’d never try to replace Kourtney as mom,” the insider assured. 

Beautiful, talented and beloved by his family — Scott Disick is one lucky guy to have Sofia by his side! Hurry up and propose already, will you, please?

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