Just because Sofia Richie is young, doesn’t mean her maternal instincts haven’t kicked in yet! In fact, quite the opposite. The 21-year-old model formed a strong connection to boyfriend Scott Disick’s three children. “Sofia’s great with Mason, Penelope and Reign,” a source tells Life & Style exclusively, adding that they “adore her.” 

However, out of respect for Scott’s ex and mother of his kids, Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia knows her place. “She’d never try to replace Kourtney as mom,” assures the insider. 

Scott Disick, 35, treats girlfriend Sofia Richie, 19, to ice cream while out with son Mason in LA

Of course, part of being a blended family is spending the holidays together! “They’re planning to spend Christmas with the Kardashians and Scott’s kids, but will also see Sofia’s family, too!” says the insider. 

Ultimately, with things going this well for the longtime couple, it’s only a matter of time before they seal the deal! “Like most couples, they have their ups and downs, but those close to them wouldn’t be surprised if Scott pops the question next year,” a second source previously told Life & Style. “He’s been saying Sofia’s ‘The One’ for a while now.” 

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Hold Hands During Fashion Week in NYC, Scott Leaves a Cheeky Comment on a Topless Photo of Sofia

Unfortunately for Kourtney, however, she’s been less successful in finding love since she and Scott called it quits in 2016. “Dating can be tricky because of the busy shooting schedule,” a third source revealed to Life & Style magazine, referring to Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“Kourtney will often ask herself if a guy’s only with her in a bid to be on the show,” the insider added. Poor Kourtney! Here’s hoping she’ll be able to find someone just as perfect for her as Sofia is for Scott.

After all, she’s certainly turned his life around for the better. “Sofia, like Kourtney, is a homebody and that’s what he likes most about her,” a fourth source revealed to Life & Style in September. “Even though she’s young, she’s incredibly grounded and a stable force for him — which he needs.”

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