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Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Stormi Goes on Harrods Luxury Shopping Spree: ‘You’re a Spoiled Girl’

It’s good to be Stormi Webster! Kylie Jenner made a trip to the iconic Harrods department store in London on Thursday, August 4, to check out her cosmetics collection’s display area. Much to her surprise, the employees made a private shopping room for her daughter that was decked out wall to wall in designer goods for the little fashionista.

Kylie, 24, shared the experience in two Instagram Stories videos showing off all of the merchandise that had been pulled for Stormi, 4, whom she shares with boyfriend Travis Scott, to peruse. “Look at what Harrods did for Stormi to go shopping. Is this not the craziest?” the lip kit mogul gushed while narrating the video.

She then sweetly told her daughter, “You are a spoiled, spoiled girl,” as Stormi could be heard saying “Mommy, I want to try them on,” about a pair of shoes that caught her eye.

The room featured several shelves including Dior purses in multiple sizes, styles and patterns. Below that, Stormi had rows of shoes with everything from designer trainers to colorful sandals to choose from.

Since a preschooler can’t live on accessories alone, the employees gathered a rack full of designer jackets, tops, pants and skirts for Stormi to check out and try on. Since she already has a wardrobe filled with plenty of luxury brands, she’s likely to have a discerning eye at this point. Earlier in the week, Kylie revealed that Stormi no longer lets her mom dress her, as she now handles her own wardrobe choices.

There were even stunning pink formal dresses hanging from the dressing room’s mirror that looked perfect to wear to one of the Kardashian-Jenner’s lavish parties. Finally, one bottom shelf included a series of toys including products from Lego, Barbie and more for Stormi to check out because after all, she is still a child!

Prior to her epic designer shopping spree, Stormi was treated to the ultimate “Take Your Daughter to Work” day thanks to her billionaire mom. The two flew aboard Kylie’s private jet from Los Angeles to London, then headed to Harrods. Kylie held onto Stormi’s hand as the pair made their way through her section of the store’s makeup and skin department, as she showed her daughter the makeup chairs where artists can do in-store makeovers and tutorials, countertops filled with Kylie’s products and Stormi’s mommy’s face everywhere in the promotional posters.

Kylie has made sure Stormi has lived in the lap of luxury since birth, much to Travis’ chagrin. “Kylie’s spending a fortune on Stormi’s designer carriers, strollers, clothes, and accessories, but Travis thinks it’s too much and wants her and her family to stop spoiling Stormi,” a source exclusively told Life & Style in 2018. “She’s just a baby. Travis didn’t have everything handed to him as a child and he wants the same for his baby.”

“He worked for everything he has and feels Kylie’s parenting skills are over-the-top because she’s had a silver spoon in her mouth since birth,” the source said. “He wants Kylie to have some perspective and stop spending so much on the baby before it’s too late.” By this point, it’s way too late!

Scroll down for photos of Stormi’s luxury shopping spree at Harrods!