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The No. 1 Boy! Succession’s Kendall Roy Was Living Large in His NYC Penthouse: Photos

Just like Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) told Lukas Mattson (Alexander Skarsgård) during Succession season 4, he’s “already rich” and his New York City penthouse proves it. When shooting the famed HBO series, the cast used a $29 million apartment located on the Upper East Side of the Big Apple to act as Kendall’s home.

The penthouse, which is complete with five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a stunning view of the city, acted as a meeting place for Kendall and his siblings while they plotted to take down their father, Logan Roy (Brian Cox).

“We see this very gradually, the erosion, over the course of four seasons,” Jeremy told Vulture in April 2023 of his character. “Whatever his principles or moral code might be, the line in the sand gets redrawn and redrawn and redrawn, to the point where, when he gets the objective, or when he feels that he might get it, I’m not sure how much of him will be left.”

The character of Kendall has become the internet’s No. 1 boy — taken straight from a line his father utters in the first season finale — after the Succession final season premiered in March 2023. However, fans are gearing up to mourn the end of the morally corrupt yet hilarious character.

“It will feel like a death, in a way,” Jeremy told GQ in February 2023 of the show’s end, explaining that he didn’t complete as many projects as his coworkers through the course of the show. Jeremy noted they had “that freedom to just shoot yourself out of some different cannons. Sometimes Kendall feels like the same cannon over and over again.”

While Kendall’s darkness is prevalent to viewers throughout the series, his self-sabotaging ways are often peppered with humor, including the one scene where he rapped a full song — “L to the OG” — at an event full of people who were celebrating his father.

“Rapping feels very empowering — that alone was nice to have a way for me to express my love for my father,” Jeremy said of the now-viral song while chatting with The Wrap in July 2020. “I thought it was committed, and that was something I really like about it.”

Scroll through the gallery for an inside look at Kendall Roy’s NYC home.