Danielle Olivera got things popping with Joe Mock, a.k.a. “Balloon Guy Joe,” during Summer House season 8 and the reality star exclusively gives Life & Style an update on their “great terms” after filming.

“He’s so wonderful. I really, really do like him,” Danielle, 35, says, noting that distance is an obstacle for them because of his “busy” work commitments between the Hamptons and Queens. “We have been on dates and we do enjoy each other’s company. Right now, [with] our schedules and timing and everything like that, I think that it’s just best to just be friends and casual.”

Summer House’s Danielle Olivera and ‘Balloon Guy Joe’ Updates

The Donne app cofounder reassures Life & Style that even though their time spent together is “not as frequent” as it was last summer, they are “on great terms.”

Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard played matchmaker for Joe during season 8 after his company provided the cast balloon decor for one of their themed house parties. She pinned Joe on Danielle, who is loving her Air Sculpt results on her arms, and costar Gabby Prescot since they were the only two single women in the house. Ciara Miller was also technically single, but she was boo’d up with rookie West Wilson at the time.

“I had met him, and I was like, ‘Girls, I met this guy, I’m taken, but he’s hot and someone needs to get on this,’” Lindsay, 37, recalled during an episode of the Summer House After Show. “And I was even like, ‘Am I seeing things?’ and every girl was like ‘Nope, he’s hot!’ Even West was like, ‘He’s hot!’”

Danielle wasted no time sharing her interest in Joe at their extraterrestrial party and bumped Gabby, 33, out of the running for Joe. Danielle’s competitive nature caused a rift between her and the fashion director after she deemed Gabby’s slow approach to Joe as “closed off.”

“I was shocked because I truly didn’t think that it ended that poorly or that my delivery was that bad,” Danielle said on the Summer House After Show, before addressing why she didn’t console Gabby at the party.

“I just didn’t want to deal with it in that moment because I was having such a good time at the party and I wanted to get back to that,” she continued. “That was selfish of me and rude.”

Joe opened up about his cameo on Summer House and gave insight into his busy schedule, which checks out with Danielle’s chat with Life & Style.

“If you really want the truth, I’m not even Balloon Guy Joe. I’m a Local 1 bricklayer in the city Monday to Friday. That’s my bread and butter, bricklaying construction,” he told The Daily Dish in April. “I work seven days a week, and on the weekends, I work for a cesspool company called Certified Cesspool, and I work for Hampton Balloon as well as the summer kicks off.”