Summer House star Danielle Olivera wasn’t a big fan of some of Paige DeSorbo’s comments about her during the season 8 reunion, and the Bravo star exclusively tells Life & Style why the fashion influencer’s remarks affected her.

“Obviously, there was a lot of tension around that, and I did want to speak my piece, but there was an argumentative style that you can’t get your point too much across,” Danielle, 35, explains. “I could have handled it better, but it was just so upsetting.”

Paige, 31, became a fan favorite after several quips during confessionals throughout Summer House season 8, but Danielle reveals her costar’s comments about her position as a CEO for a fashion app she developed were still hurtful, despite getting laughs from viewers.

“I don’t think it’s fair to discredit someone even if you think it’s funny,” Danielle shares. “She is funny. I’m not going to knock her for anything like that. She’s a very funny person and very successful in her own right, but we can all be successful and support each other. I just didn’t feel that from her.”

As for the entrepreneurial spirit that led Danielle to create her own app, the New York native says she doesn’t think anyone actually goes to “CEO school.”

“You just kind of take the plunge, you risk it all, and you hope it works out and you do the best that you can for yourself and your team and the people that are using your product,” Danielle says. “That’s what I believe I’m doing. I’m a founder and CEO. Sorry you don’t like to hear it.”

Despite Danielle’s impressive resume, the reality TV star admits that she still had some previous insecurities about certain things.

“I had a massive insecurity about my arms, basically since college,” Danielle confesses. “Being on reality TV doesn’t help at all.”

Summer House’s Danielle Reveals Why Paige’s Quips Affected Her
Eugene Gologursky/Bravo

Danielle says that even though she worked at trying to tone her arms, she still wasn’t getting the results she wanted, which is what led her to try AirSculpt

“I’m 35 and some parts of my body are just not changing or doing what they once used to. So, it just seemed like the best fit for me, especially because I have been thinking about my arms for so long, and it was just the right fit,” the Bravolebrity explains.

Danielle says the procedure left her feeling more “confident” in her body and has allowed her to “wear things [she] wasn’t wearing before.”

However, Danielle’s insecurities weren’t getting in the way of her chance at love in the Hamptons during Summer House season 8. She previously opened up to Life & Style about her relationship with Joe Mock, aka Balloon Guy Joe, and gave fans an update on their status after the cameras stopped rolling.

“He’s so wonderful. I really, really do like him,” Danielle said. “We have been on dates and we do enjoy each other’s company. Right now, [with] our schedules and timing and everything like that, I think that it’s just best to just be friends and casual.”