Is this some serious shade? YouTuber Tana Mongeau took to her beloved vlogging platform to reveal that one of her idols, singer Billie Eilish, unfollowed her on Instagram — and needless to say, she was a little upset. So on September 4, she posted a funny 15-minute opus titled, “Billie Eilish unfollowed me,” where she filmed herself in a hilarious yet depression montage of mourning the singer’s follow.

“Yo Jordan,” she can be heard saying to her manager, Jordan Worona, in the video after a dramatic opener. “This is absolutely the most detrimental thing I’ve ever filmed myself telling you in the entire history of us working together. And that sounded sarcastic but I actually mean it.”

“Just say it,” her boss told her, before she cried out, “I’m actually sad! I found this out yesterday and went through hard shock and now I’m sad as I make this video but I have to make a video. I have to get views out of it because nothing else good could happen from this.”

How did we get here, you might be asking? Well, it went a little something like this. The 21-year-old MTV star dressed as the rising pop star for an entire week for her YouTube channel back in late May, solidifying her love for the star. the 17-year-old wasn’t exactly big on reciprocating … especially if her reaction to Tana’s engagement to Jake Paul was anything to go by.


Her comments of “eek” and “yikes” on the Instagram announcement post pretty much spelled out her opinions on the YouTubers’ holy union — but believe it or not, it wasn’t even the only time Tana and Billie spoke about the nuptials.

In her newest YouTube upload, the blonde beauty revealed a DM between herself and the singer, in which she asks if she’ll be coming to the wedding. “No,” was the short response Billie gave. So, all in all, definitely yikes … but Tana had to see this one coming. Regardless, she lamented with some funny crocodile tears anyway — anything for the views!