Someone’s got a type! YouTuber Tana Mongeau took to Twitter to admit she’s got “a thing” for former Disney stars after she totally hit on Miley Cyrus on the social media platform hours before. Based on most of her dating roster, she really isn’t lying, y’all.

“It’s been really hard for me to cope with this and admit this, so please don’t judge [because] it’s hard for me to be this vulnerable and open,” the 21-year-old hilariously wrote on August 22. “I DO in fact have a thing for former Disney stars :/”

Tana Mongeau Tweet

Needless to say, fans totally put the pieces together about Tana’s penchant for former child actors, like ex Bella Thorne and husband Jake Paul, in the comments, and had tons to say about her ~type~.

“Oh honeyy we know,” one fan hilariously wrote, while one invoked a little sarcasm with their comment. “Omg no way?? this is such a shocker,” they replied to her tweet. If you forgot about Jake, 22, and his connection to the brand, you wouldn’t be the only one. “When I read this I totally forgot that @jakepaul was on Bizardvark,” one user mused.

Tana Mongeau Tweet to Miley Cyrus

A few fans even suggested a few former Disney kids for the YouTuber to potentially hook up with. “You and Demi Lovato would be the baddest duo ever 😍,” one fan wrote. Another follower proposed a popular Euphoria actress. “Zendaya! lmao,” they wrote.

The “admission” came just two hours after she reached out to Miley, 26. “I LOVE [YOU] QUEEN,” she wrote to the singer in response to her lengthy rant about the controversy surrounding her split from soon-to-be ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. Before that, the MTV reality star also tweeted about Miley’s relationship status back on August 11.

Tana Mongeau Miley Cyrus Tweet

“WAIT @MileyCyrus IS SINGLE?” she wrote in the early morning, hours after the news of the married couple’s apparent breakup. Knowing Miley’s hitting things off with Kaitlynn Carter only leaves us wondering if we’ll see Tana turn up as part of their little group any time soon. She and the “Bangers” babe are friends (yes, she sent Tana a weed bouquet this past Valentine’s Day), but we have yet to see them actually ~chill~ together.

She’s a married lady, but she’s been known to get crazy! Be good, Tana.