After years of being fixated on her image, Taylor Swift has finally kicked dieting to the curb. The best part? The “Love Story” songstress, 29, has her sweet beau, Joe Alwyn, to thank. “Taylor’s happy that she’s found a guy that doesn’t judge or care so much about keeping up appearances,” a source exclusively dished to Life & Style.

“Joe never liked it when she would worry about eating certain foods, stress about a number on the scale or reaching her goal weight,” they continued. “He’s the last person in the world that would body shame anyone, male or female, and it’s helped her with her own struggles with dieting.” Handsome, talented and body positive? Ummm, does anyone know where we can snag ourselves a gentleman like Joe?

Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn, Walking, NYC

Not only has Taylor’s relationship with the 28-year-old blossomed since she’s stopped dieting, but she’s also become a generally more positive person. “Not playing into the no-win world of dieting has added to her overall outlook on life and health,” the source noted. “Taylor decided to stop killing herself over her weight and it’s the best thing she’s done.”

In true Taylor fashion, she hopes to pass along her powerful message of self-love to fans. “Now she wants to spread the word to young kids everywhere. Her message seems simple, but she knows better than anyone that it’s a struggle,” the source explained. “Taylor wants everyone to stop obsessing about being a certain size and that starts with eating healthier foods, exercise and accepting yourself as you are.”

Considering the pop icon likely has a new album on the way, as well as a 30th birthday coming up in December, we are so happy to hear that she’s living her very best life. We’d much rather Taylor focus on making killer music than counting calories.

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