It looks like someone is a little salty! Despite the fact that The Weeknd and Ariana Grande were only rumored to be dating after collaborating on “Love Me Harder,” it seems he’s taken issue with her new beau — and rumored fiancé Pete Davidson.

Even if The Weeknd had deeper feelings for Ari than what was publicized, is that really enough emotional turmoil to start throwing shade at two innocent people in love? As it turns out, yes it is. On June 11, The Weeknd took to Instagram to subtly express his feelings about Ariana's future nuptials.

While he didn’t write anything himself, he apparently liked a pretty damning comment — which, TBH, is basically the same thing nowadays. "I'm calling it now. He is either going to end up with a restraining order from her or he will end up pulling an OJ Simpson. This is not going to end well," one user wrote of Ariana and Pete’s relationship.

Then, according to The Pop Hub, The Weeknd went and gave the comment a big ol’ double-tap. There’s a strong possibility that he simply found the comment amusing. Then again, is joking about murder ever really OK? Plus, come on! Do these two really look like they have a True Crime special in their future?

If anything, The Weeknd should do himself a favor and take a play right out of Cazzie David’s playbook. Considering she and Pete broke up just a month before he and Ari started canoodling, she has a lot more reason to be shady — but instead, she’s living her best life.