You go, girl! Following Theresa Caputo’s split from her husband of 28 years, Larry Caputo, the beloved reality star is reportedly taking time to focus on herself. “Theresa got married at a really young age and hasn’t really experienced life outside of Larry [and] being married,” a source revealed to Us Weekly. “Theresa is now living life and exploring solo … she’s figuring herself [out] and it’s a whole world of adventure.”

The source went on to explain that while the 52-year-old isn’t “opposed” to the idea of finding love again, that she’s “not dating at the moment.” We stan an independent woman. Thankfully, the Long Island Medium’s time alone has been positive. “Theresa is much happier separated from her husband, Larry,” the source added. “There was no big event leading up to their split, but an honest conversation that it wasn’t working any longer and it was time to move on.”

Larry Caputo, Theresa Captuo, Smiling
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As it happens, Theresa’s ex is also doing very well. Following the pair’s divorce, Larry moved to California to live on his own. “It’s been a big transition, and I’ve worked on myself and I realize that this is a new chapter in my life,” the 61-year-old expressed during a recent episode of Long Island Medium. “[I want] to embrace it and to make the best of it. Being in California got me away from all the things that were upsetting me, and now I’m stress-free. That makes all the difference in the world.”

Despite thriving without each other, Larry and Theresa seemingly have no bad blood. “There are no hard feelings between Theresa and Larry. They still talk on the phone frequently and still consider each other family,” the insider concluded to Us. Considering the former flames share two grown children — Victoria Caputo, 24, and Larry Caputo Jr., 25 — it’s a relief to hear that they’re able to co-parent without any drama.