With the holidays approaching, Thomas Markle is more determined than ever to get a hold of Meghan Markle. After various interviews with the press, Thomas has now showed his face on Good Morning Britain in an attempt to get his daughter’s attention.

On Monday, Dec. 17, the former TV lighting director sat down for a video interview, in which he got candid about his nonexistent relationship with Meghan. Piers Morgan asked the 74-year-old what would he tell the mom-to-be if she was listening. “Well, I love her very much. You’re my daughter and I’d really like to hear from you,” Thomas responded. “Whatever differences or problems we had, we should be able to work them out. We’re family, so please reach out to me.”

Piers then asked him if he’s heard from anyone, including Meghan’s mother, Doria, or spoken to anyone about the situation. Thomas responded with a hard “No,” and admitted that he got completely ghosted and cut off from speaking to the duchess or anyone associated with her.

From there, Piers reiterated Meghan’s lifestyle change since the last time Thomas claimed to have spoken to her. “Meghan’s now the Duchess of Sussex. She’s living in a palace. She’s now married to a prince. She will be spending Christmas with the Queen. In the old days, she may have spent Christmas with you. Now, it’s obviously a very different life.”

That being said, Thomas is still persistent on not giving up. “There has to be a place for me, I’m her father — and I will be a grandfather to her children. All I can say is, I’m here. She knows it. I reached out to her and I need her to reach out to me. I love her very much,” he told the outlet.

Lastly, Piers asked Thomas if he has a message for the Queen. “I would appreciate anything she could do. I would think that she would want to resolve family problems. All families, royal or otherwise, are the same and they should all be together, certainly around the holidays.” Hopefully this time of year can spark a change for this daughter-father relationship.