If there’s any Bravolebrity couple we need to make babies right now, it’s Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules. Since the couple got married in 2016, we have been dying to see them expand their new family and give their two adorable dogs a baby to be BFFs with. When the 36-year-old bar owner spoke to Life & Style at the Los Angeles Travel Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards on February 19 in Hollywood, he let us in on the couple’s future plans and we can rest assured good things are on the horizon!

When asked if the infamous duo was thinking about kids in the near future, Schwartz’s answer made us pretty dang happy. “Always,” he said. “I’m down with kids, yeah. I want kids, yeah … Yeah, I’ll make some kids.” Such a silly dude, that Tom.

His best buddy/costar/the second Tom of their co-owned bar TomTom, Tom Sandoval, even chimed in with the jokes: “Go to the kid store, you try them on. Make sure you get a return policy.” When these two get together, there’s always laughs.

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In all seriousness, the couple has been thinking about it and taking the steps to prepare themselves for the next chapter. “We’ve been renting over the weekend from time to time, you know babysitting here and there, getting a feel for it,” he explained. “The only thing that really scares me is flying with kids. When they cry … I’m terrified of that. I think I can handle anything else they throw at me in life. Anything except for flying, and them screaming and crying.”

According to an insider who spoke with Radar Online, the missus definitely thinks it’s time to get things moving on the baby train. “She wants to plan for their future,” the source said. “She told Tom that he is more established now and that it is really time for them to start a family and get serious.”

Um, not to be pushy, Tom, but we kind of agree — y’all gotta give the world some Pump Rules babies already!