They’re baaack! Welcome, once again, to the world of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During the wait between seasons 8 and 9, there was quite a bit of drama surrounding Beverly Hills queen Lisa Vanderpump and her once-close pal Kyle Richards, among others. When the premiere aired on February 12, we got to see that fight come to a head.. Though we’re a bit sad to see the possible final demise of the ladies’ friendship, we’d expect nothing less from this explosive group of women, let’s be real.

The incendiary season opener threw us right into the thick of LVP’s war of words with her 50-year-old friend. “No, no, no, who said that? Say it,” the 58-year-old was heard asking Kyle as the camera panned over Lisa’s house, Villa Rosa. “Kyle, I’ve done nothing wrong. I swear on my children’s life.” Never one to skip on the dramatics to get her point across, that LVP.

“If I did something wrong, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love me,” the former boutique owner shot back at Lisa. Though the actual root of their fight is strategically unclear (thanks, editing!), all we know is it’s something these two women cannot get past.

“I’m not going to say ‘Yes, I did something’ if I didn’t do it,” the restauranteur told her friend, who responded, “I didn’t come here to fight.”

“You came here to tell me I am a liar,” was Lisa’s curt comeback, and it shook us to the bone.

After that, LVP’s husband, Ken Todd, chimed into the mix to have his own go at Kyle: “She would never say that about you.” Considering the next words out of Kyle’s mouth were “Maybe you care more about your image than your friendships,” we’d actually venture to guess Lisa may have already said this about someone else in past seasons. Her ex-friend clearly wasn’t having it and literally told her to “get the f—k out of my house.”

Viewers were met with a “Two months earlier” banner after watching Kyle walk out, so it stands to reason that fans and followers will have to put the pieces together throughout the season to figure out exactly what set these two women off.

But according to Kyle, they haven’t spoken since this outburst. “The last time I spoke with Lisa or Ken was when I was at their house and we were going to have a talk, and then it ended up being a disaster,” she told Andy Cohen during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. “When you’re kicked out of someone’s house … it was really strange for me because I’m so close with them.”

But it hasn’t been for lack of trying, at least on her end. “I’ve sent a text and an email but, you know, I don’t know if I’m blocked.”

Though we still have pretty much zero idea what could’ve put Lisa and Kyle on the brink of letting go of their friendship, you better believe we’ll be watching to find out!