Whoa, this season looks absolutely intense! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills trailer gave fans a preview of all the ups and downs expected during Season 9 and it looks crazy. Despite constant rumors about her presence on the show, Lisa Vanderpump was a staple throughout the preview along with other cast favorites like Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards.

Of course, the main drama this season will be watching what actually unfolds between Lisa and the rest of the cast. One major piece of tension happened as a result of Dorit Kemsley returning a dog she adopted from Lisa’s organization. In the explosive trailer, Lisa can be seen telling Dorit that she loves her after leaving a tense conversation. Lisa then stops and says, “Well, I actually don’t.”

It looks like Lisa is going to have a lot of confrontation with different cast members this season and it’s some hot tea. Do not come for Lisa or she will come for you with receipts (literally). Lisa claims one person on the show is “guilty by omission” while she holds up printed pages of text conversations. Later, Lisa exclaims, “I’m not going to say what a f—ing bitch she was…I said it!” Okurrr.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hill Season 9
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Erika Girardi is seemingly the only one that comes to Lisa’s defense and points out that Kyle and Dorit seem to be in “cahoots” with each other. “She doesn’t want to sit and pretend to be nice to someone who has f—ed her over,” Erika continues. “That’s not friendship, that’s bulls—t.”

“Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer!” newcomer Denise Richards says in the trailer. It looks like this newbie is already getting the hang of things amidst her own drama with the Richards sisters. The actress ruffled some feathers which caused her and Kim Richards can be seen yelling at each other. “That is a lie,” Kim yells “That’s not a f—ing lie, Kim,” Denise shoots back.

The season isn’t all drama and fighting, though. Fans will be able to watch Denise’s wedding, according to the trailerShe and Aaron Phypers started dating in early 2017 and got engaged this past September. The ladies also look like they take a few fab trips that will give you a bad case of wanderlust.

One thing is for sure: Fans are in for a bumpy ride. RHOBH Season 9 premieres Tuesday, February 12 at 9 p.m. EST.

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