There are two things we can ALWAYS count on Vanderpump Rules for: drama and dogs! The Bravo TV hit show is starting Season 7 on Monday, Dec. 4, and we seriously cannot wait. Turns out the queen herself, Lisa Vanderpump, can’t wait either, because she took to Instagram recently to announce the new season in the only way she knows how: with a dog parody of VPR!

On Nov. 29, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump took to Instagram to promote the newest season of Vanderpump Rules, the reality show focused on one of her many restaurants, Sur, and its staff. But instead of the normal title image that fans are so used to seeing at the start of the show, all of the folks from Sur were replaced by puppies! But, apparently not for good, as Lisa’s caption explained exactly what was going down: “Vanderpup Rules 🐩🐕 😂 Enjoy the doggy version of #PumpRules by clicking the link in my bio, then watch the human version of us this Monday @ 9/8c for the SEASON PREMIERE!” Undoubtedly, knowing Lisa’s affinity for man’s best friend, she probably preferred this version of the show. Can’t say we don’t agree.

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Vanderpup Rules 🐩🐕 😂 Enjoy the doggy version of #PumpRules by clicking the link in my bio, then watch the human version of us this Monday @ 9/8c for the SEASON PREMIERE! Only on @bravotv

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Besides this new-and-improved doggy version, there really is a lot to expect this season on VPR. We’ve got cast regs Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright getting engaged, plus Sur hostess LaLa Kent getting engaged to her man, producer Randall Emmett. And, on top of it all, former singer Scheana Marie is possibly (probably) heating things up with Sur busboy, Adam Spott. With all of that going on, it’s hard to imaging there will be anything else to talk about this season. But knowing this cast? We don’t even know what’s coming.

One thing we CAN say, without question, is Lisa Vanderpump is truly is the queen of reality tv with two Lisa-centric shows under her belt. Vanderpup truly does rule!