If you were expecting drama from the new season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, hold onto your hats. The ladies of California’s most exclusive zip code have a lot of crazy in store for us to see this season, but it looks as though they’ve also come out on the other side of it — though, not unscathed. The premiere episode threw us headfirst into an all-out brawl between ex-friends Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, who seem to still be in the throws of an intense feud. When the Beverly Hills native spoke with Life & Style exclusively at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 9 premiere on February 12, she revealed she actually hoped to make amends with her English pal that night.

“I was looking forward to speaking to her tonight actually,” the 50-year-old said of her 58-year-old ex-bestie. When asked if she wanted to see the restauranteur in order to reconcile, she was pretty positive despite the gloomy circumstances.

“A hundred percent,” she revealed of her intentions. “I thought, oh, this is a good time because I’ve reached out in other ways, so I thought that tonight with it being season 9, we should be celebrating.”

kyle-richards-lisa-vanderpump-real housewives of beverly hills

“I thought it would be a good time to make amends. I saw Ken [Todd] over here, and thought OK, I’ll do the carpet and then go and say hello but she’d already left,” Kyle explained why the link-up didn’t go according to plan. When asked if she’d reach out again, it didn’t look too promising: “I have. I mean, how many times can I try?”

Kyle even got candid about the showdown at Lisa’s house during the first few minutes of the premiere. “I wanted to be honest, and I spoke the truth and her reaction was very extreme. It was totally surprising and hurtful because I care about both of them,” she said. “She may think I must not care about her because of what I said, but just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you don’t care about that person, but that’s hard for her to understand.”

What happens between two of our favorite RHOBH Housewives remains to be seen, but all we hope is that they can put the drama to rest, and soon.