OK, Alabama Barker, we see you! Travis Barker‘s daughter took to TikTok on Thursday, September 23, to show off her natural short hair.

Alabama, 15, shared a number of videos with her 1.5 million followers debuting her new look. More often than not, the social media influencer wears her blonde hair straight with long extensions. However, Alabama’s fans were absolutely loving the change!

Fans React to Alabama Barker's Natural Short Hair: 'You Look So Fire!'
Courtesy of Alabama Barker/TikTok

“You look so fire!” one user commented. “Girl, this hair is it,” added another. “You should wear it like this all the time, Alabama!” a third person chimed in, while a fourth wrote, “Drop the hair tutorial, please and thank you.”

Since gaining a big following on TikTok and Instagram, Alabama has faced a lot of backlash over her appearance. That said, Shanna Moakler‘s daughter has no problem putting trolls in their place! “At this point, I have grown men and mothers hating on me, messaging me awful things,” Alabama shared via Instagram in May. “I do not care whether you think I look too grown for my age. Keep your opinion to yourselves. It’s miserable that you guys can sit there and DM [direct message] me instead of watching your own children.”

In a follow-up Instagram Story captioned “I don’t make it up,” Alabama shared a screengrab of a DM from one of her followers. “So glad my daughter didn’t have to dress or act like you at that age. But she didn’t because she’s beautiful,” they wrote. “Fugly (f–king ugly) girls act and dress like you. You’re disgusting.”

Unfortunately, Alabama has also been forced to addressed cosmetic surgery rumors. “Do you have fillers? Or you just put lip liner?” one fan asked the Calabasas, California, native during an Instagram Q&A in August. “Definitely no plastic surgery here,” she replied.

Given Alabama’s age, she doesn’t meet the qualifications for getting lip fillers. “Ideal candidates” for the procedure “are finished with puberty and done growing,” according to several outlets. Additionally, minors need parental consent to undergo any kind cosmetic or plastic surgery.