We’re finally winding down on ~The Most Dramatic Season~ of The Bachelor yet! (For what it’s worth, if some of these spoilers come true, we may actually be in for the most dramatic season yet…) And, of course, drama tends to reach its climax during each season’s Women Tell All, which happens to be airing tonight!

Unsure when to flake on your friends and set your DVR this Sunday night? We got you. Tonight’s episode will kick off at 8 p.m. EST and will last two hours — and we have a feeling it’s going to be a very entertaining two hours! Keep reading for everything we know about the special!

Filming took six hours!

Yes, you read that right: Six hours! In an exclusive with In Touch Weekly, an insider explained that despite the hours in the studio, Arie got off “fairly easy.” Whatever that means when you’re confronted by countless women you dated!

Krystal maintained her role as villain, naturally.

In a sneak peek, it was revealed that she [called her ex a “needle d–k,” but she insisted in a post-taping interview that she felt good about the special. “I haven’t seen [the footage], but I have an intuitive feeling about it, you know, where it was going,” she confessed to Ashley Iaconetti. She maintained that she was misrepresented on the show, and came to WTA with hopes of redemption.

“I felt like being on camera and being in the group date and dating one guy who was dating all my roommates — and I knew that going in — but I couldn’t anticipate how my emotions would take ahold of me. And it was really challenging, 100 percent,” she said. “So I wanted to come on here tonight and just try to be true to how I felt and just try to show how I really was. Because I felt like that wasn’t represented on the show, like who I am. So I just wanted to get that across.”

Caroline did not hold back.

Whatever goes down in the dramatic finale, Caroline knows — and she spared no feelings. “I was heartbroken with the way things went down and I was really upset with him for the way he handled things,” she confessed. “And like Arie said, he had to follow his heart and go with his gut and I don’t disagree with that. I get that… [But] the friend in me needed to be like, ‘Hey, f–k you.’ I needed to say it and I’m just furious honestly.”

Tia and Bekah face off — finally!

The two had some issues on The Bachelor — Tia infamously threw Bekah under the bus, telling Arie that she wasn’t ready for marriage because of her age (in case you were living under a rock in recent weeks, she was 22 while filming). The two ladies met again on Women Tell All, but Tia defended her decision to be cutthroat and sabotage Bekah.

“There were just some things that were said that made me concerned for Arie and for his heart in the whole thing,” she mused. Bekah, understandably, was having none of it — including Tia’s claims that Bekah was having her doubts.

“Here’s another thing you said,” Bekah fired back. “You talked about relationship experience. You have no idea about my relationship experience. I have fallen in love before men who have treated me like a queen, and you yourself admitted that you’re only fallen in love with a–holes before. So maybe you’re the one that’s lacking in real relationship experience.”

We can’t wait to watch this all go down!

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