The Season 2 finale of This Is Us was bittersweet — to say the least. Kate Pearson married the love of her life, Toby Damon, without her father Jack by her side. And while many episodes this season were about Jack’s death, this one was a nod to his life and the hardships that came along with his absence on the wedding day. Keep reading for ‘This Is Us’ finale spoilers!

Despite her father’s tragic and untimely death, Kate was determined to have him there in any way she could. And while fans watching may have been focused on how beautiful Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, looked in a wedding gown, a small detail honoring Jack was easily missed as she made her way down the aisle.
It came in the form of Jack’s old screwdriver strategically placed in the middle of her bouquet.

kate pearson bouquet

But, why the screwdriver? Isaac Aptaker, one of the show’s executive producers, sat down for a panel at SXSW and addressed the oddly placed tool. He revealed, “With all the different choices [of Jack’s], it was a matter of, ‘What will fit in a bouquet?'” Justin Hartley, who plays the role of Kevin, said a fishing rod would have been way too out of place and in the end, he said, “it was a logistical thing.”

At the beginning of the episode, Kate wanted to pin a piece of Jack’s old Daytona t-shirt to the wedding dress as her “something old” but unfortunately, Toby forgot to pack it. The forgotten t-shirt sent Kate into a total frenzy, which left her brothers — Kevin and Randall Pearson — to figure out which one of Jack’s old possessions could be a suitable replacement. Left with a pair of boxing gloves, a baseball bat, a fishing rod, and a screwdriver, they went with the screwdriver.

kate pearson wedding day

As for Season 3? Creator Dan Fogelman said it’s going to be the most “ambitious” yet. He also spoke at the SXSW panel and said, “We’re going for it in season three, and it’s really ambitious and really surprising…if people think they know where the show is going, they really don’t know yet.”